Chiropractic is a drug free, natural form of healthcare which exploits the innate healing capacity of the body encoded within the very fabric of human life, the DNA. Chiropractic adjustments involve gentle manipulation of vertebrae and other joints to improve neurological and mechanical function. Since symptoms are ALWAYS a product of dysfunction and damaged tissue, adjustments have the effect of facilitating and expanding healing potential. This is how we are able to achieve not only relief from symptoms, but more importantly, improvement in objective function and resiliency (think car or home maintenance).

Chiropractic is statistically safer than taking an ibuprofen. Malpractice insurance for a Doctor of Chiropractic is generally between 5 and 15x less expensive than that of a Doctor of Medicine. When utilized by a competent doctor after a thorough examination and evaluation of medical history, risk of serious complications is exceptionally low.

We pride ourselves on providing and outstanding overall experience. This requires a marriage between efficiency and thoroughness. We are generally able to deliver new patient care in about 45-75 minutes including paperwork, exam, x-rays and treatment. After the initial visit, treatments for an established patient are typically rendered in 10 minutes or less.

Far less than most expect. Cost depends on mode of payment (Self pay, insurance, medicare), as well as your specific condition, goals, and treatment plan. We offer very reasonable rates as well as package deals to make it as affordable as possible.

We have about a 90% success rate for patients who follow their treatment plan. Chiropractic is the most well studied form of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) in the scientific literature. Study after study shows chiropractic is as effective or superior to physical therapy and conventional medicine in treating neck pain, back pain and headaches. Search for relevant research articles.

We bridge the gap between wellness and condition-based care. This means we will provide you with a customized treatment plan to ameliorate your initial symptoms and transition you to a state of prevention and optimum performance. As Dr. Schneider says, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Anyone who is motivated to get out of pain and improve the resiliency of their health. This is true for people who are veteran chiropractic patients who need minimal care as well as anyone with severe pain that has gone unaddressed for years. Just like putting off a dental filling, the longer you wait, the more it will tend to progress.

Bone spurs are a direct product of undue pressure on a bone over a long period of time. Misaligned, fixated, or otherwise dysfunctional joints are a precursor to this process. Since chiropractic has been shown to improve these issues, it can also help slow an advancing process or provide prevention. What we are unable to do is remove pieces of bone after they have already changed, so timing is a critical factor. Get started ASAP.

There is little to no evidence that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis or other bony changes. Some in the medical field have suggested perpetual cracking may cause ligament laxity or muscle weakness. This is in stark contrast to cracking your own neck. Do not crack your own neck. Broadly and nonspecifically cracking your neck is not an adjustment and imperils a multitude of delicate tissues including your spinal cord, joints, ligaments and blood vessels.

In the context of low back pain, a brace is helpful in the acute phase of healing. Once the phase is completed, wearing a back brace for too many hours during the day may be contraindicated. Consult your chiropractor before deciding if a back brace is right for you.

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