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How can chiropractic help during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and birth are one of the most meaningful experiences in a woman’s life. It is however, very physically taxing. Weight gain and lax ligaments are just some of the major contributors to pregnancy related spinal pain.

As your pregnancy progresses, a hormone called relaxin begins to circulate in the body, causing a relaxation of muscles, ligaments and tendons. This process is crucial to expanding the size of your abdominal and pelvic cavities so you are able to more effectively carry and deliver your growing baby.

Due to the shifting of bones and ligaments, the joints of your pelvic (and other) region may begin to feel achy or may succumb to a pinching sensation. The expansion of your pelvis may also cause compression on your sciatic nerve.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments to foster proper realignment can stave off or neutralize this pain. Many women also report a less difficult birthing process due to optimal pelvic function!

Drs. Schneider and Kalantarov (mother of 2) were both trained in Webster’s technique, a low-force technique developed specifically for safe care of pregnant mothers and their babies. Call now for a free consult to put your mind, and later your body, at ease.

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